Civil Marriage vs. Religious Marriage

March 6, 2014 in Panel/Debate by abdulaziz

Civil Marriage is a marriage solemnized as a civil contract without a religious ceremony. Civil Marriage is all about the freedom of choice, a person has the choice of choosing the women he likes without taking into consideration her religion or sector. It is basically performed, recorded, and recognized by a government official. It gives you the choice to marry without any religious laws. For instance, it allows a Muslim woman to marry a Christian Man without letting him change his religion to his loved one’s religion which is prohibited in religious laws. Civil Marriage allows the woman to have equal rights in financial costs, the decision to end the marriage and inherit her spouses belongings. If a man violates those rules, authorities will interfere to put an end to the matter. Civil Marriage may create some sort of bonding between people with different religious views and could be beneficial for coexistence in countries like Lebanon and Syria which have more than 18 sects, but the idea of it is absolutely against religious law, and therefore many Muslims can’t accept it. Civil marriage is rare in the middle east, but recently Lebanon have started to study civil marriage so they might apply civil marriage laws in their country. Malaysia allows civil marriage for non-Muslims only, while in Kuwait, Bahrain and Afghanistan it is allowed for foreign citizens only. Tunisia is the only arab country that allows this marriage.
This debate show will discuss whether civil marriage should be recognized in the Middle East or not.

Host: Abdulrahman Tahnoon
Guests: Dr Hadi Banat & Dr Asma
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