March 19, 2014 in Short Fiction by May Mahrat

Life is just like coffee, bitter but sweet…
A 4 – minute mono drama that symbolizes imprisoned anger and grief expressed in an attempt to discharge inner rage and tension, exposing the viewer to different interpretations and questions of why and how…

Role Player

March 16, 2014 in Short Fiction by abdulaziz

Some of the white-collar workers always complain about their life and jobs. They hate the daily rotiune when they have to wake-up at 6 am, eat the breakfast, go to the office and start the boring work. They complain about how they are bored from writing reports, sending emails, attending meetings and other job responsibilities. They always wish to be relaxed and stay home for a long holiday. For those, and if you are one of them, we invite you to see how a blue-collar worker “a garbage man” daily job is. So, watch and realise how your job is perfect :)